Does your child struggle to access healthcare, such as doctor, dentist or hospital appointments?

At Angels we have found that many of our children can have problems getting the medical help they need, for lots of reasons:

  • They might find it hard to know or say when something is painful or they feel ill
  • They might find going to the doctors or other medical appointments really difficult and stressful
  • They may be afraid of being treated, doing blood tests or having xrays
  • They might find personal care, washing, haircutting etc, very difficult to do

This can mean that as they get older, if these difficulties aren’t addressed, there is a risk they won’t be able to keep as healthy as they could. We know that the health outcomes and life expectancy of people with autism, learning disabilities or other neurodiverse conditions aren’t as good as the rest of the population.

At Angels we have experienced many of these challenges as our own children have grown up and we know how difficult it can be to help our children to access healthcare. We have been funded by Herts Community Foundation to run a project to help support parents to improve their children’s access to healthcare.

We will:

  • Run workshops with practical tips on how to help your child to access healthcare, and information on knowing your child’s rights and asking for reasonable adjustments
  • Support you with appointments or other meetings that you might have with health professionals
  • Work with you one-to-one to help you develop strategies to support your child with specific needs relating to access to healthcare.

If you would like more information, or would like to book a one to one appointment, please use the form on the One To One page of this website.