Angels on Facebook

At Angels we have a “secret” Facebook group for our members, so that you can chat to other members and get advice and support from Angels staff and parents outside of the meetings.

What does “secret” mean?

It means that no-one can see you are a member of the group except other members. It will not show up in the list of groups you are members of on your profile, and anything you post in the group will only be visible to other group members and won’t be visible on your timeline or to your other friends.

Who else is on the group?

We are strict about who is allowed to join the group – they must be a member of Angels and have joined using our application form. This means we know all the members of AOF (Angels On Facebook) and they are all parents or carers of children with ADHD or on the Autistic Spectrum.

Is it all confidential?

We ask all our members to behave in AOF as they would in our support group meetings and part of that is to remember that everything is confidential and is not to be shared outside the group. If a member were to breach the confidentiality of another member in the group we would have to ask them to leave AOF.

What can I post?

You can post anything you like about the conditions or your child, ask questions, share experiences or information, signpost to useful events, whatever you feel like. We do have some rules though, about what can be posted, in order to make sure that everyone feels safe in the group. We ask that you don’t name professionals or schools or settings in your posts, in order to protect confidentiality. We also generally won’t allow overtly political posts, or posts which include information that is inaccurate or inflammatory. We also only allow photos or videos of children in certain circumstances in order to ensure we aren’t sharing something the child might not consent to being shared as an adult, and to protect their confidentiality. We moderate every post before it appears, so will contact you if your post does not meet the rules.

I hate Facebook, do I need to be on Facebook to join?

Unfortunately, yes, you will need a Facebook profile, but you could just use it for AOF and include no other personal information. At the moment Facebook is the only major platform we can find where we are able to host a group which allows members to interact safely without the need for additional hosting costs. If this changes in future we will review whether a new platform would meet our needs.

How do I join?

We can only add you if you are a “Friend” of one of the Admins, so if you are an Angels member, send  a Facebook Friend request to Kirsten Sabine-Angels and Kirsten will add you to the group. Once Kirsten has added you, she will unfriend you.

If you aren’t already an Angels member you can join us using the membership form on the following link

Where can I find the secret Facebook group rules?

When you first access the Secret Facebook page you will notice that at the top of the page there is an ‘Announcement’ from Penny Howarth-Angels where the principals and regulations of the group are laid out. We ask that all new members of the group take the time to read through these.