Do you feel that you would benefit from meeting with other parents/carers of children with ADHD or an autistic spectrum condition? Would you like advice or support with any aspect of parenting your child? If so, why not join Angels?

Who is it for?

Parents and carers of children or young people up to the age of 25, with a diagnosis of ADHD or an autistic spectrum disorder, or who are being assessed for the above conditions, or who you think might have ASD or Autism and need some support around this. Your child/young person doesn’t need to have a diagnosis, as long as they have either been referred for assessment or you have concerns around ADHD and ASD.

How much will it cost?

Membership of Angels is free, and our services are free to our members, but as we are a charity, we always appreciate it when members make donations, such as at each support group session, if they are able to.

Can I bring my pre-school children?

Yes, we have a free crèche available for our daytime meeting in Stevenage, but for more details on each venue please visit the appropriate Group page. Unfortunately, the creche is not able to take school age children.

How do I join?

To complete the application form by clicking here.


We will send you a welcome email or letter confirming you are a member. If you would prefer to fill the membership form in manually then please download the form here.

When can I attend / access your services?

Once you are a member you can come along to any of our events or meetings. We will also add you to our secret Facebook group – “ Angels on Facebook” if you would like us to, and you can book a one-to-one appointment with us by emailing

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