For many parents and carers it can be hard to know where to start if your child is struggling to attend school. This tool can help your child express what they find difficult about school in a visual way. 


Step 1 – Print out this image. For the pdf version of the school Click Here


Step 2 – Print out the Icons and cut them out. For the pdf of the icons  Click Here

There are spaces in this document for you to add your own icons/words.

Step 3 – Ask your child to stick each relevant Icon into one of the three ”class rooms”, which are Easy, Bit Tricky and Really Tricky. 

It should look a bit like this but probably with more icons! ……   

Don’t worry if they don’t all fit into each room, just squeeze them onto the page as near to the relevant class as possible.

You might find that your child tells you more about each issue when going through each icon than if you were talking directly.

Step 4 – You can then use this document as your child’s voice when communicating with school or other professionals. 

This is a great way for school and other professionals to see where your child is struggling in a way which is easy to understand but difficult to ignore!

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