What our members have to say about us.

Angels is fantastic! They have been the only way my family and I have found to access support, understanding and to gain knowledge. We would be confused and lonely without them!

Without Angels I wouldn’t have survived. When your child is given an ASD diagnosis you are just sent on your way without any support or advice. Angels have helped me immensely with everything from behavioural issues, what to ask from a school, filling out forms and being a shoulder to cry on. They are such an important resource for parents and the children as well.

The meetings are great, always full of ideas and strategies to try. The Facebook page is essential for parents to have that space to be able to share ideas and strategies with each other, especially for the parents who couldn’t make it to the group due to work or other commitments.

Angels is a fantastic support group who are caring and full of knowledge. They have helped me to understand and help my children. They have helped me to get the support for my children in school. They are there to support parents to talk about things they need help with. Their support is a lifeline to so many families. Penny is helping me through an appeal process to the 1st tier tribunal for my youngest son’s EHCP to be specific with his needs and support. She goes above and beyond, replying to my messages when I need support and advice for wording letters. Thank you Angels Support Group x

Weekly Hitchin daytime support group has been invaluable. I’ve made new friends and learnt practically everything I know to support my son with ADHD. It has given me great emotional support too.

The knowledge that the Angels team has is 2nd to none and this is key to the one to one sessions, they are able to pin point what needs to be done efficiently, also some parents may not always be comfortable discussing situations in a group session, so this service would be very important to those people. They are able to help with all number of issues and situations and always know where to start. In meetings when we are dealing with teachers or the local authority often as parents and carers emotions can run high, they are able to be supportive but also keep clarity of the given situation and keep things on an even keel. We are so lucky to have this available to us in my area, my son wouldn’t be in the school he is in now getting the right support and would have been permanently excluded had it not of been for the Angels support group and the one to one service they offer

They have been very supportive in helping me and my husband with our teenage Son with his adolescent episodes and hormones. Advised us on books to refer to and websites to visit. But most importantly Angels have been there, just to listen, to our “fighting battles” that we have with the DLA and health professionals etc in our daily lives. Without support of Angels, us parents would feel quite alone in the dark.

The service is a real source of guidance in a confusing and combative environment, that surrounds many of us parents as we have to fight to get what is right for our children. Angels is there giving us a shoulder to cry on, professional advice and a place where I don’t feel alone.

The power of meeting others in similar situations and discussing issues and potential solutions in a warm friendly atmosphere is huge. Being guided by the session leader – someone who talks my language – and yet still challenges me to do better – is invaluable. Thank you.

Having a member of Angels (Penny) support me at my sons’ school with his ADHD, discussing strategies and making sure he was receiving the right support was really helpful. I have found it difficult in the past to engage with school and the SENCO but having a professional there who really knows her stuff and statutory requirements was very empowering and my relationship with the school has improved as well as the support which is now in place for my son. It is very reassuring to know support is readily available on 1:1 basis, in groups and online.

They provide activities for school breaks, very appreciated and children love them!

Having someone from Angels support me at my EHCP review was invaluable. Knowing that someone is there to make sure that your views are listened too, that understands the code of practice makes the whole experience a lot less stressful. My EHCP reviews are always tough and having a friendly face with me makes me feel much better. I wouldn’t get through it without them. Thank you very much.