Welcome to Angels 1-to-1 service

Our 1-to-1 Service is designed to support you in a personalised way, with any issue around your child/ young person’s conditions. If you have any support needs of your own, please let us know, and let us know how best we can support you.

How can we support you? – We offer:

1 hour or 30 minute Virtual/Zoom appointments for more complex issues or 15 minute phone consultations for quick questions

(If you require a face to face meeting contact kirsten@angelssupportgroup.org.uk)

Please note we make appointments available on a half termly basis due to high demand, so they don’t get booked up too far in advance. Please only book one appointment at a time as availability is very limited and we want to support as many families as possible. When you book a 1 to 1, please respond to the email containing the Zoom link to confirm your attendance, or let us know if you’re unable to attend so that we can offer the appointment to another member. 

We can also support via email, or messaging services such as What’s App, and we will aim to respond within a week.

If you would like to send us a message then you can email us at support@angelssupportgroup.org.uk

Support at meetings –

Angels offers support for parents and carers at any meeting about your child, for example; School meetings, TAFs, CINs, CPC, EHCP meetings and reviews, medical appointments, mediation, tribunal hearings (as supporters or observers).

If you would feel more confident in meetings with Angels’ support, or maybe you struggle to understand or process everything that is said, let us know and we can try to be in the meeting with you. You can email info@angelssupportgroup.org.uk  to arrange this support.

Meeting support can be offered virtually to any parent. We can support at meetings in person within the following districts – North Herts, Stevenage, Welwyn Hatfield, and parts of South Cambs, Central Beds, and East Herts. For members outside of these districts we may only be able to attend virtually.

Support with forms –

If you struggle to fill out forms, we can support with this. Usually we will do this through a virtual 1-to-1 appointment.

For benefits applications,  we usually signpost to Hertfordshire Money Advice Unit ( 01438 843456) or Citizens Advice Bureau where appropriate, as they have services that are expert in this.

What can we support with? – Here are examples of the kinds of issues we can support you with. 

  • Any issue pertaining to the child/young person’s autism/ADHD.
  • Education – support with getting child’s needs met
  • Understanding the conditions and how they impact on the individual child
  • Accessing Health and Social Care
  • Transition to adulthood for your young person
  • Support with the emotional impact of having a child with ADHD/Autism
  • Toileting/Sleep/Eating – Personal Care
  • Siblings and impact on the family
  • Support with navigating the diagnostic process and pathways
  • Disability Discrimination and understanding your rights
  • Puberty and Sexuality
  • Working with professionals