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In accordance with GDPR, individual data collected will only be accessed by Angels Support Group DBS checked staff and will not be passed onto any third party or published publicly with any details which could potentially identify a family. The information will be used solely to compile statistics to enable us to obtain further funding, to complete monitoring for current funding and to ensure our services continue to meet the needs of our members. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

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    I understand that as part of my membership to Angels Support Group I will be asked to complete 3 joining surveys in the first year of my membership and will be asked to complete other feedback surveys and vote for the Angels AGM annually. This information is essential for our charity to continue to run.

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    We send most of our information to you by email. If you have selected that you don’t want to receive emails from us, we just want to check how you would like to hear from us. For cost reasons we can't send all the emails out to you by post but we can send the termly programme, details of holiday activities and other important information relating to your membership of Angels if you would like us to.

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    Please give details of any other children in the family as they are welcome to attend any events that Angels run.

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